Don’t Let Ticks Drive You Out of Your Backyard

Announcing New Tick Control Program

Since social distancing at home over the past two months, we have a newfound appreciation for the sanctity of our backyards. Some have become our new Zoom offices and some are now our home-school playgrounds.

Increase in Tick Activity

Many of you have called to report a significant increase in tick activity on your pets, your kids or yourself. It is not your imagination. Tick activity has been increasing for several years, but this year, due to a milder than normal winter, we are having a tick population explosion never before seen.

Ticks Carry Dangerous Diseases

Ticks are dangerous, blood sucking, disease-carrying creatures that we don’t want in our yards or anywhere, for that matter! Now Carpenter & Costin has a new treatment to control ticks in your outdoors so you can return to safely enjoying your space throughout summer.

Sign up now for our tick control program and receive your first treatment FREE!

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