Spring Clean-Up

Spring Clean-Up Especially Heavy in 2015

As the snow finally melts you’ve probably discovered that there are more tree limbs and branches on the ground than any Spring in recent memory.  Be assured, this is not your imagination. Winter was exceptionally long, cold and windy this year and has resulted in heavier tree limb damage than the typical Spring reveals.   While more extensive this year, “natural tree pruning” like this actually happens routinely, with the weakest branches being snapped off by winds and littering the ground below.  We’ll perform your Spring clean-up and have your yard looking great again in no time.

Shrubs, Bushes and Ornamentals are also Suffering

What is not normal this year is the number of shrubs and ornamental plantings damaged due to the wet, heavy snow that blanketed our region repeatedly.  The sticky snow built up on delicate plantings, bending many beyond their breaking points.  Depending on the type of shrubbery, there are several solutions we employ to get your grounds on the road to healing.

To Prune or Not to Prune, THAT is the Question.

Some shrubs benefit from selective pruning and some do much better by being cut way back to allow a whole new start while preserving the root system.  This is especially true on hearty, mature shrubs and bushes.  It is important to note that some deciduous varieties should be trimmed before they emerge from dormancy while the leaves are off,  and some need to wait until new growth begins in the Spring.  Our team has the knowledge to know the difference.  During Spring clean-up we’ll give your plantings the care they need to add beauty rather than having them detract from your outdoor living and curb appeal.

Do Shrubs Ever Get Too Old?

This is a great question and I cannot emphasize the answer enough.  YES!  Some shrubs should be kept 3-4 feet tall and others should be maintained at 6-7 feet or more.  When these have been allowed to grow exceptionly tall, they actually do get too old to save sometimes and should either be trimmed to a foot tall or be carefully removed, roots and all to make way for some nice young specimens.  Younger plants installed after Spring clean-up and closer to Memorial Day will give a renewed look to your property, especially if the old ones were allowed to grow beyond your windows and are reaching to your rooftop, creating mildew on siding and shading your home.  Security also diminshes when windows are shielded by overgrown shrubbery.  This is why they say, “Out with the old, in with the new!”

Does Mulch Provide Any Benefits or Does it Just Look Good?

Another great question.  Nobody would argue that freshly applied mulch looks great when the Spring clean-up crew is finished.  Some people even love the fragrance of it, saying that Spring has not arrived until you can smell the mulch.  In fact, mulch is more than just a pretty facelift.  It serves several functions:

  • Retains moisture in the soil
  • Slows the propagation of weeds
  • Provides a clean, finished look
  • Mitigates erosion in some cases



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