—Nothing keeps the outside of a property more beautiful than regular professional seasonal landscape services.—

Spring Clean Up

Keep your landscape beautiful and healthy with professional mulch installation.

Often viewed as a way to give your lawn and landscape a polished look, when properly applied, mulch offers many advantages.

  • It’s one of the keys to growing healthy, beautiful, thriving plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees.
  • It serves as a barrier to many destructive and harmful elements.
  • Protects roots.
  • Keeps trees and gardens looking fresh.
  • Deters some pests and diseases.
  • Mulch helps control weeds, maintain soil nutrients, prevent soil erosion, and foster soil water retention — all of which contribute to a flourishing, thriving landscape.

Core Aeration & Overseeding

Beautify and thicken your lawn without chemicals.

Trust the lawn experts at Carpenter & Costin to build healthy, thick lawns. Core aeration along with fertilizing is an important aspect of lawn maintenance. Core aeration helps you get the most out of your other lawn care services including:

  • Improve air exchange between soil and atmosphere
  • Keeping thatch under control
  • Promote softer, less compacted soils
  • Reduce soil compaction
  • Enhance water absorption
  • Allow nutrients and oxygen to penetrate soil
  • Improve seed effectiveness, turf grass rooting, depth and strength.
  • Revive your lawn. Get beautiful healthy, lush turf.

Perennial Garden Maintenance

Expert regular care keeps perennials healthy & blooming.

Experience the difference professional perennial garden maintenance makes. Our staff of master gardeners can quickly identify weeds, and our treatments are weed-specific which helps successfully eliminate stubborn varieties. When you need show stopping perennial gardens trust us for:

  • Perennial planting & perennial garden design
  • Perennial garden care
  • Cleaning out weeds, leaves and twigs
  • Removing dead flowers and branches to boost plant health
  • Trimming perennials to encourage plant health and flowering
  • Fertilization treatments to enhance soil quality
  • Pest, tick and disease control to eliminate infestations
  • Mulching to prevent stress from weather and to discourage weed growth
  • Dividing and cutting perennials back as necessary

Fall Clean Up

Get the most out of your yard in next spring with comprehensive Fall Clean Up service.

The right preparation now will help your yard look lush, green, and colorful when the warm weather returns.

  • We clean up debris, vegetable gardens
  • Trim rogue branches
  • Aerate & fertilize your lawn
  • Rake
  • Mulch
  • Prune trees and shrubs
  • Give your lawn one last mow
  • Divide and cut back perennials
  • Protect cold-sensitive plants, and
  • Plant bulbs, shrubs, and fall annuals
  • Remove fallen leaves

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The leader in design, construction and maintenance of landscapes that provide years of enjoyment. Our team is equipped with the latest industry training, products, equipment, tools, and knowledge to deliver the results you deserve—landscapes that enhance the image of your home or business.

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Here’s what some of our happy customer have to say about us!

We use Carpenter & Costin for lawn and field mowing, tree work, landscaping, and snow plowing. Their work is excellent and more reasonably priced than their competitors in Manchester. Tom Bowen and his crew listen carefully to what you want to create on your property, provide great insights, and then get it done according to plan. Cheers to C&C!
Anne Carter
Anne Carter
18:09 28 Nov 22
They want $1,200 a day to trim shrubs. Russ told me that’s the day rate. He told me it would take two days to trim my privet hedge. So, $2,400 for shrub trimming. Absolutely high way robbery. I told them forget it. This business takes advantage of the Rutland community. Beware.
12:41 23 Aug 22
Carpenter & Costin designed and executed a remarkable transformation of my driveway entryway. They perfectly captured my vision for a contemporary stylish remodel. They were very respectful of my property, took attention to detail, and communicated with me daily to ensure my satisfaction during each phase of the project. I often gaze at the tranquil space that was once chaotic and plan to have them consult on future projects.
Janine Triller
Janine Triller
15:34 15 Aug 22
Carpenter & Costin has been incredible as our year round outdoor maintenance company. Russ (the owner) and Tom (the Manchester Account Manager) are incredibly professional, responsive and they pay close attention to detail as well as quality. They have been working on my property regularly and are always available and willing to go the extra mile. Our landscaping had clearly been neglected when we bought our house and they completely turned everything around, making the garden and lawn look amazing. We also use Carpenter and Costin during the winter months for plowing and salting and they are always here very early in the morning to make sure our driveway is safe. I highly recommend Carpenter and Costin for your yard and year round property maintenance. They are extremely reliable and provide excellent quality.
Lili Rodriguez
Lili Rodriguez
16:05 02 Jan 22
Had a nice visit with the 2 owners Matt and Russ...they showed me their facilities and were very accommodating after listening to my concerns...I hope to do business with them in the future...HApPY HOliDaYs!! and thank you...
Scott Gordon
Scott Gordon
20:27 09 Dec 21
Awesome company to work for!
matthew trombley
matthew trombley
21:49 08 Dec 21
C&C just blew away all our yard leaves. It was quite a job, because we have quite a few to remove every year.We couldn't be more pleased with the work they did, and the crew was very professional. Even asked us if there was anything else we wanted done.Saved these old folks some sore backs!
Dan Dukeshire
Dan Dukeshire
21:16 18 Nov 21
We had Carpenter & Costin replace a rather large retaining wall around our pool and the pool pump. The quality and timeliness of their work and their professionalism is beyond excellent! I would highly recommend their services for anything to do with landscaping, whether it be residential or commercial.
John McCamley
John McCamley
12:34 10 Sep 21
From the very first time we met with Russ and Mike, who came over to assess our yard, we felt like we were in good hands. They were so knowledgeable and had great vision for improving our yard that had become overgrown and basically needed an overhaul. Jimmy and his crew showed up on time and got to work going above and beyond, they kept us informed every step and were able to transform our gardens into a beautiful showstopper! We will be using them not only for maintaining the gardens but also to design and install our backyard.
Andrea Edwards
Andrea Edwards
13:33 25 Aug 21
The company I work for uses them for lawn maintenance and landscaping. They have managed to break mine and another employee's car windows when they drive over the parking lot with their mower blades running and kick up stones. They of course refuse to accept it as their problem. Also on their latest landscaping job they appear to do nothing except sit in their truck and smoke and it's been a week since they started. Use at your own risk.
Lisa Spencer
Lisa Spencer
12:51 13 Aug 21
Carpenter & Costin is a very professional company who we use for our business in Rutland on the lawn care side. They are always careful about our vehicles and make our lawn and surrounding area clean and presentable to the public. They often address things before they become an issue and bring ideas on how to improve something ahead of time. I also use them for my personal plowing and lawn care and never have to worry about them making sure my road and lawn are taken care of. They arrive early am to plow or sand and that brings me great piece of mind with my wife bringing our children to daycare on a safe road. I would recommend them to anyone!
Brian Bradley
Brian Bradley
13:06 23 Feb 21
The crew at Carpenter and Costin are reliable and have my office in top shape spring, summer, winter & fall. They have also done work at my home. They are always accommodating and are available to assist with changing needs. The are truly professionals!
Laurie Mecier-Brochu
Laurie Mecier-Brochu
21:16 19 Feb 21
We at the Best Western Inn & Suites have had the pleasure of working with the team at Carpenter & Costin for over 5 yrs. for both our lawn mowing and snow removal service and they have done a fantastic job! We have found them to be very professional and courteous and when we ask for something it is done right away! They are a great - caring company that does so many incredible things by giving back to our community. I highly recommend there service!
David Correll
David Correll
14:37 19 Feb 21
Carpenter and Costin has done major landscaping, tree removal, beautiful stonework, as well as yearly garden maintenance for my property in Dorset Hollow. I have always been delighted with the work they have done and would recommend them to anyone looking for high quality service delivered by an extremely professional team.
Rache Simmons
Rache Simmons
19:55 13 Jan 21
From the beginning of our relationship with Russ and Matt, we knew that we would not have to worry about our properties upkeep. Their people have been on time, respond when we needed extra attention, and they know how to communicate with their customers. All of this makes for a great value!
Walt Manney
Walt Manney
14:32 22 Dec 20
We have used Carpenter & Costin for a few years now at multiple locations (Auto Dealerships), they are prompt, professional, and provide an excellent service for a competitive price. Not to mention the incredible interaction, positive impact, and support they provide to so many of our local communities.
Travis Romano
Travis Romano
14:17 22 Dec 20
Jimmy and Tracey did beautiful work sprucing up our home! Our home now has true curb appeal, the hedges are perfectly trimmed and the edging gives it a nice clean look. They were also very helpful with suggestions when I asked what other plants they thought would compliment our home. Very friendly, hard working and efficient people! I look forward to having them work at our home again!
Alexis Locke
Alexis Locke
23:27 14 Sep 20
As a Middlebury resident, I saw Carpenter & Costin crew members all summer doing various forms of landscaping around town. In every instance, they were professional, courteous and respectful, always being careful to cover their faces or provide distance as we walked by, saying hello to my kids and just generally being excellent community members. Much thanks to this company for training their employees to be respectful professionals as they work within a community. Kudos!
Karen Duguay
Karen Duguay
14:35 02 Sep 20
I could not have been more pleased. Russ came out to assess the job and provided a timely estimate and comprehensive plan. We are extremely happy we chose Carpenter & Costin to design and install our landscaping. Russ and his team (awesome tradesmen) exceeded our expectation. In addition, the cedar deck and decorative rock installed, given the slope and area to be covered. Nonetheless, the rock where carefully placed according to plan. Also - in any project, there will always be unanticipated obstacles and unforeseen hurdles. The true mark of a great business is how it handles these situations and accommodates its customers. In this case, Carpenter & Costin went above and beyond and will absolutely receive my future business -
Gene Rega
Gene Rega
14:30 06 Jul 20