Out Is In So Come Alive Outside!

July Marks the 30th Anniversary of National Parks and Recreation Month

There is no better time than July to get outside and enjoy all that Vermont has to offer. All of us that live here know we have the best access to some of the most accessible, uncrowded, pristine and scenic choices of state parks and recreation areas in the entire country. Even better, they are all within very short drives of every town in Vermont.

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Camping is an affordable way to experience Vermont’s great outdoors to the fullest.

Gone Fishing…Kayaking…Swimming…Tubing…

July is a good time to learn something new for you and your kids! Want to see a beaver at work gnawing down trees and building a dam? Ever tried fly fishing? We’ve got some awesome spots to try it out and you’ll have a pretty good chance of reeling one in! Kayaking is easy and peaceful. Tubing or dropping into a good old fashioned swimming hole is fun, even if the water is a little cooler this July than normal thanks to nights in the 40’s and 50’s. However, the cooler nights also make it ideal for camping. If camping is new to you I assure you there is no better way to appreciate and soak in the beauty that surrounds us.

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Feel Small on the Peaks of Vermont’s Green Mountains.

Take a Hike!

Prefer less of a time commitment than a weekend of camping? Take a hike! Hiking is the best way to walk to some of the most scenic panoramic views of the world from Vermont. If you want to go straight to the top, hike up to a height of 4,393 feet on Mount Mansfield or 4,241 on Killington. Killington is a very family-friendly hike, since you park and start out at the gondola base which gives you a head start of 2,600 feet. Killington also offers wide open trails and plenty of great views during the entire hike.

Beaver Dam, Carpenter & Costin Come Allive Outside

Discover how a beaver’s work is never done!
A break in the dam means back to work dropping some new trees.

Come Alive Outside!

So what are you waiting for? Wrangle up the family, pack a lunch and some water bottles, or a tent and some gear and get outside right now! Take some pictures and share them with friends outside of Vermont that already envy you for living here. You know there are many people that wish they could live where you do!

Remember…. Out is in! So get outside and come alive outside!


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