Landscape Design/Build & Hardscapes

Belgard Hardscapes and Patios

Attractive Hardscapes Add Value

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Attractive landscaping can substantially increase your property value by adding interesting focal points and design elements that enhance curb appeal. Carpenter & Costin will design a master plan that will uncover the hidden potential of your residential or commercial property. Specializing in large-scale landscape design for residential homes, our team designs, installs and maintains all elements of your landscape plan. As you would expect, our work is guaranteed.

Heated driveway pavers

Walkways, Driveways and Steps that Go With the Flow

Form Follows Function

Walkways are perfect opportunities to beautify your property in a functional way. We can transform old cracked concrete walkways into handsome paver walkways or using Belgard® products with the look and feel of stone.

Aging driveway becoming an eyesore or a tripping hazard due to frost heaves, cracks or tree roots? Garden steps in need of replacement?

We design and install natural looking arrays of brick, pavers, stone or timber & gravel designs that update your property and add beauty and function.

backyard kitchen

Stonework as Functional as it is Beautiful

Inviting Outdoor Living Spaces

Wish you had a flat area of your sloped backyard? Retaining walls or terracing may be the answer.

Retaining walls serve several functions beyond erosion control and directing runoff away from living spaces. They also create level terraces on properties with sloped and hilly terrains. Today there are many well-engineered options for retaining wall systems that also beautify your property. They provide the perfect opportunity for sculpting the land to create inviting outdoor living spaces in otherwise impossible places.

Visit our gallery to get some ideas for your property.

Pool deck with chairs

Free Estimates

On Time and On Budget

From design to construction and installation, our staff will see to it that your project is completed on time and on budget.  Call today for a free estimate to begin enjoying life in your outdoors!