Facilities Managers Depend on Carpenter & Costin

Carpenter & Costin takes pride in our long history of delivering dependable landscaping services that Facility Managers have come to rely on to keep their properties looking their best for employees, customers and the public.

Giving Property Managers less to worry about

We’ve been told by many of our property managers and facilities management teams that we’re the best at giving them one less thing to worry about when it comes to lawn services, landscaping maintenance and keeping up with decorative plantings that make all the difference! Our wide array of annual services enable you to need only one company to maintain your landscaping, parking lots and walkways.

Landscape maintenance that enhances your property

Curb appeal is important to your image. Trust Carpenter & Costin to maintain your landscaping so you can be proud while having one less thing to worry about!

Landscape Services covering all the responsibilites of today’s Facilities Managers

You never know when you’ll need damaged curbing, sidewalks or walkways repaired or replaced to keep visitors to your property safe from tripping hazards. One call to us solves these challenges and more. We’ll maintain your property’s exterior and add decorative and functional features that suit your needs, including:

  • Patios and seating areas
  • Retaining walls
  • Drainage management
  • Decorative planters to enhance your building’s appearance
  • Pergolas
  • Water features

When the snow falls, we’re on it!

Year round property services are our specialty. Facilites managers can count on Carpenter & Costin to maintain safe conditions for drivers and pedestrians all winter long. Our team of conscientious and responsible snowplow drivers understand the importance of removing slip and fall hazards. We take great care to ensure your customers and employees are not facing treacherous conditions when Vermont’s winters serve up the snow and ice that are sure to happen every winter.