Erosion – Keep an Eye on Trickling Streams During Mud Season

Mud Season Happens

By Matt Cataldo – March 25, 2015

The sights and sounds of Spring – and especially the warmer temperatures – are a welcome change from the long, cold, snowy winter. One of the unwelcome sounds of Spring is the sound of running water caused by thawing snow, which is running along your landscaping and taking with it your soil, flowers, and sometimes even washing out retaining walls and walkways.

Hurricane Irene Taught Us A Lot About Moving Water

We all know what happens with erosion on a large scale. Hurricane Irene showed us how powerful rushing water can be by turing trickling brooks into raging torrents.  We all saw how much damage it can do on a huge scale. More common is the small scale erosion that occurs right in front of us on a regular basis, and the damage it does before you notice.

Turn Lemons Into Lemonade

Properly installed landscaping elements take into account seasonal changes including the inevitable running water that seems to be springing up everywhere during Vermont’s infamous Mud Season. If you are seeing some mild erosion in new areas of your backyard, pay attention to it. It could be telling you something that if addressed early could avoid costly repairs if left unchecked. For example, let’s say you notice a new area on your property that looks like a small stream went through it. You’ve never seen it before, but you see it now. Even if it looks harmless, it may be a sign that something uphill has changed and is sending more water your way that could cause future damage. Take the time to investigate and reroute small areas of runoff if possible. Or, you can add stone to slow the travel of the water to mitigate erosion while adding a creative design element to your garden. Believe it or not, the best time to do this is actually while it is raining so you can trace the runoff to its source while witnessing volume and speed – the two most important factors in costly total washouts.

Retaining Walls Doing More Crumbling Than Retaining?

If your retaining walls are deteriorating and need replacement, call us for a free estimate and we’ll restore the beauty and functionality of retaining walls and drainage systems.  These walls can be as attractive as they are functional, so keeping them in good repair will not only save you money from washouts, but will keep your property attractive while protecting your investment.