Doctor’s Orders to Enjoy Vermont’s State Parks is Music to my Ears!

Governor Shumlin announced yesterday that doctors across the state are prescribing complimentary visits to Vermont State Parks to improve mental and physical health. This is music to my ears!

With Come Alive Outside we’ve taken on the mission of educating and inviting Vermonters to turn off the video games, get off the couch and get outside to enjoy some real activity.  Governor Shumlin said, “We know that science shows the connection between outdoor activity and good health, both physical health and mental health.  We are in an era right now where, particularly young people, are so ensconced in their technology, in the gadgets, that often involves sitting on the couch indoors on the most beautiful days, engrossed by whatever it is that we get distracted by with technology, that we have less physical outdoor activity than we had generations ago.”

Free Admission to Vermont State Parks to Enjoy being Outdoors!

Currently, 16 doctors in the state are offering the prescriptions. It is not necessary to be a patient of one of the prescribing doctors — nor to even undergo an examination — to receive a pass that ordinarily costs $3 for adults and $2 for children.

Dr. Harry Chen of Rutland added, “We know that Vermonters can really benefit from the opportunity to get out and be healthy, especially Vermont kids.”

Dr. Corddaire, president of the Vermont Medical Society also added,  “As Vermont physicians, there’s one thing we want our patients to do. We want them to stay well and we want them to stay out of the office if we can do that,” The best way to do that is to keep the body moving, whether they are able-bodied or disabled. The parks are accessible for the disabled as well.”

Visit for a complete list of parks and the amenities they offer.

Most of all, let’s get outdoors and Come Alive Outside!