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Bluestone Patio Begs for Backyard Entertaining

Transforming Landscape Challenges into Functional Solutions There is an art as well as a science to seeing a challenging space and transforming it into an inviting space that serves practical drainage functions as well as serving as a fun gathering place for outdoor entertaining. As landscape designers, we have to take into account topography, drainage, […]

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Carpenter & Costin Rutland VT

Mud Happens! Springtime in Vermont.

Out with the snow, in with the mud Boy was that a long, COLD, snowy winter! Now that the ice age is finally receding and the plows and sanders are coming off the trucks, we expect to see mud season and frost heaves kicking in with a vengence. Ahhhh Spring in Vermont! Now it’s time […]

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Spring Clean Up Landscape Service

Spring Clean-Up

Spring Clean-Up Especially Heavy in 2015 As the snow finally melts you’ve probably discovered that there are more tree limbs and branches on the ground than any Spring in recent memory.  Be assured, this is not your imagination. Winter was exceptionally long, cold and windy this year and has resulted in heavier tree limb damage […]

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Dang Those Ice Dams!

By Russ Marsan – March 6, 2015 I think we can all agree this has been a brutal winter by all accounts. OK, maybe we don’t have it as bad as the good folks of Boston, thanks to our well-equipped plowing services and for many other reasons we love living in Vermont.. but let’s just […]

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Brick Walkway Frost Heaves Carpenter & Costin

Frost Heaves Happen But We Have Solutions

By Matt Cataldo – April 1, 2015 Repair Tripping Hazards in Walkways and Driveways As Spring finally comes around and we enter a period of repeated thaw-freeze cycles at night, you may notice frost heaves in your walkways, patio or driveway. What you are seeing is not unlike the frost heaves you experience driving your car. You […]

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