Safeguarding Your Property from Ticks

Are ticks prevalent in Vermont? YES. In 2020 alone there were almost 7,000 cases of Lyme disease reported in dogs alone! That means of those tested, more than one in six pets were positive for Lyme.

What is the tick treatment for backyards comprised of? Our tick treatment for properties is completely organic so it is totally harmless to pets, people, shrubs, flowers, or plants. It is, however, toxic to fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. It consists of an essential oil derived from conifer trees (trees that bear cones and needle-like leaves) of the pine or cypress families. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and is considered safe enough by the FDA (Food & Drug Admin) to be used as a food preservative. The ancient Egyptians even used it in their embalming practices because it kept away insects!

AVOID CONTACT with Wild Parsnip

In VT we typically see this invasive, yellow-flowered weed growing along roadsides, field edges, and meadows. Some folks find its flower and form attractive, often mistaking it for the very common and similar-looking (but harmless) white-flowered plant – Queen Anne’s Lace. Do not make this mistake as the Wild Parsnip causes severe skin damage. Brushing up against this yellow flower will get the sap or oil of this plant on your skin and large and painful blisters will appear on the skin immediately when exposed to sunlight. In some cases, the painful burns are like second-degree sunburns that can cause excruciating rashes and raised blisters.

Training & Teamwork Within Our Own Community

Men in sweatshirts building a model bridge

We had a company training session in May for our entire team at our new headquarters in Pittsford. We do these periodically throughout the year to keep everyone sharp and in tune to our mission – and to our team. Each training session has some fun and creative team-building exercises that everyone seems to enjoy. All four teams had a great time collaborating and gathering ideas and input from all members, on how to design and then build a bridge that met the length requirements and could bear the weight of the dump truck loaded with bricks.

Planting Annuals Early in May can be Risky in Vermont

Beautiful stonewall and flowerbed

Now that Spring has really arrived and temperatures are reaching the 70’s, we are all getting that itch to see some budding greenery, grass and colorful flowers. Just realize that even though we’ve pulled out the t-shirts and shorts and put away the skis and heavy jackets, early May is still a bit risky for planting annuals that are susceptible to frost. As Spring clean-up kicks into high gear, we see many homeowners and businesses that are eager to get some flowers in the ground to create some long-awaited color around their properties.

Preventing Frost Heaves in Walkways and Driveways

Frost Heave Ahead Warning Sign

As Spring finally comes around and the temperature begins to creep above freezing, we enter a period of repeated freeze-thaw cycles at night. When this occurs, you may start to notice frost heaves in your walkway, patio or driveway. What you are seeing is not unlike the frost heaves you experience driving your car. You know – when you see signs along the road that say “Frost Heave” and you’re wondering “Where?” And then, BOOM, you nearly hit your head on the roof of your car. THAT’S a frost heave. The solution is to prevent water from penetrating the surface. Ensure it drains away properly instead of sitting below and expanding enough to ruin your finished surfaces.

Carpenter & Costin Relocates to New Headquarters

Carpenter & Costin Aerial View of new headquarters

Carpenter & Costin has relocated their company headquarters from North Main St. in Rutland to 84 Deere Lane on the Proctor/Pittsford town line just off Route 3. The Deere Lane property was previously the home of T&T Tractor. “Our team is very happy that we are now working out of our new space just in time for our Spring kick off,” said Russ Marsan, co-owner of Carpenter & Costin. “We were tightly crammed into our previous space on North Main St. due to the growth of our business over the past 12 years. This new space provides over 11,000 sq. ft. for our team and to service our growing fleet of property maintenance equipment.

Green Streets Challenge Middlebury

People dancing downtown Middlebury

The possibilities seem endless when creative volunteers come together to plan and execute a family-friendly event in Middlebury Vermont. The effort was led by Come Alive Outside, the Better Middlebury Partnership and Carpenter & Costin. On a beautiful Wednesday afternoon in August, Carpenter & Costin rolled out six thousand square feet of fresh sod to carpet Middlebury’s Battell Bridge on Main Street, transforming into a barefoot-friendly block party for all ages. There was food, games and demonstrations throughout the event. While the music played, the adults danced and the children enjoyed each other, friends and families.

Green Streets Challenge Rutland

Kids playing in street with foam toys

Carpenter & Costin and Come Alive Outside recently transformed Center Street in Rutland into an urban playground in a pretty creative way. We captured the process in a time-lapse video so you can see what it takes in just about two minutes. “We laid down 6,000 square feet of sod in the morning and then removed it in the evening thanks to a small army of volunteers who helped roll it up,” said Russ Marsan. “In between setting up and tearing down, Come Alive Outside and WonderFeet Kids Museum hosted many games and fun events for the kids to enjoy.”

Freezin’ for a Reason for Kids

Shriners Carpenter & Costin

Vermont’s Cairo Shriners hosted the annual Freezin’ for a Reason Polar Plunge and Team Carpenter & Costin took the plunge for the kids once again!
Hundreds gathered to watch the Polar Plungers strip out of the cozy warmth of winter coats and into spirited team uniforms and bathing suits. The plungers dashed into the water with gusto until they realized just a few seconds later how cold it really was. Carpenter & Costin is proud to have co-chaired this event which raises money for the benefit of our local Shriners Hospital for Children located in Springfield, MA.

Kids Come Alive Outside to Learn

Sunflower Field

In April, Team Carpenter & Costin laid out a plan, tilled the soil and prepared several acres to ensure a successful growing season. Kids then gathered in June to plant a huge pumpkin patch and over an acre of sunflowers under the guidance of instructors and volunteers from RRMC. The growing ‘farm’ was then monitored and periodically watered to ensure it stayed healthy.
In the Fall, the kids came back together to harvest the pumpkins, test their skills in the sunflower maze and learn more about sunflowers and growing foods sustainably.