The Vermont Health Department advises people to stay away from direct contact with the invasive Wild Parsnip due to its highly poisonous sap.

In VT we typically see this invasive, yellow-flowered weed growing along roadsides, field edges, and meadows. Some folks find its flower and form attractive, often mistaking it for the very common and similar-looking (but harmless) white-flowered plant – Queen Anne’s Lace. Do not make this mistake as the Wild Parsnip causes severe skin damage.

You see, if you brush up against this yellow flower, you will get the sap or oil of this plant on your skin, and large and painful blisters will appear on the skin immediately when exposed to sunlight. In some cases, the painful burns are like second-degree sunburns that can cause excruciating rashes and raised blisters. Such exposure often happens when people weed whack the plants, walk or hike in close proximity to the plants, mountain biking, or something as simple as retrieving a stray ball from the edges of a sports field.

Recently Carpenter & Costin has been contacted by several schools asking how to deal with the nasty weed that has been invading and rapidly advancing on their fields. Those conversations got me thinking, how many other schools are in need of assistance?  Then my thoughts shifted to assisted living facilities. It is commonplace to see senior residents walking the grounds. How could we best protect them as they are out exploring nature after being shut in for so many months already? What about towns and recreation departments whose field edges, and even roads, are so often lined with wild parsnip? The danger to children playing intramural sports or family recreation is also very high should they venture off to get a stray ball.

Fortunately, treatment for this weed is very effective, but only if you get at it early. You need to stay ahead of the curve because once the plant goes to seed, you have lost the battle for that year. You MUST get to the plant before the flowers mature and drop their seeds. If you happen to see this weed, stay away from it! If you see it on your property, a property you manage, or a field or meadow where recreation occurs, give us a call and we can lay out an effective plan to quickly eradicate it.

After all, with these challenging times, our time spent outdoors is even more precious than ever. We can help keep you and all our fellow Vermonters safe and free of this intrusive villain. All we need is some swift action. Call 802-775-5686 to solve this on your property.

Men in sweatshirts building a model bridge

Training & Teamwork Within Our Own Community

Teams Building Bridges

We had a company training session in May for our entire team at our new headquarters in Pittsford. We do these periodically throughout the year to keep everyone sharp and in tune to our mission – and to our team.

Each training session has some fun and creative team-building exercises that everyone seems to enjoy.

Men in sweatshirts building a model bridge

Learning Valuable Skills

One of the events was building bridges with a very limited set of materials with which to work, as you can see in the photos.

The sparse materials consisted of string, sticks, paper, and a hot glue gun. All that was needed to build a strong bridge was teamwork, planning and a very healthy dose of creativity!

No problem. We’ve got this!

Men & women posing with bridge and toy truck

Collaboration is the Key

All four teams had a great time collaborating and gathering ideas and input from all members, on how to design and then build a bridge that met the length requirements and could bear the weight of the dump truck loaded with bricks.

If it sounds or looks difficult, it’s because it was! Fortunately nobody was deterred by the challenges that lie ahead!

Man using hot glue to build a wooden bridge

Accomplishing Goals

I have to say there was some nail biting as we watched those dump trucks easing their way toward the middle – the most vulnerable spot on all the bridges. In the end, however, it was exciting and rewarding to see the accomplishments and the pride of ownership of the teams whose bridges passed the test. I am proud to say that ALL FOUR TEAMS BUILT BRIDGES THAT PASSED THE LOAD TEST! That’s a pretty remarkable accomplishment in my book.

Congratulations and thank you TEAM Carpenter & Costin! You’ve proven once again that you understand and value the importance of relationship building – and we all had a little fun.

People building a model bridge

Faith in the Team

Carpenter & Costin Aerial View

Carpenter & Costin Relocates to New Larger Headquarters

Carpenter & Costin Relocates to New Headquarters

Rutland, VT (April 8, 2019)

Carpenter & Costin has relocated their company headquarters from North Main St. in Rutland to 84 Deere Lane on the Proctor/Pittsford town line just off Route 3.

The Deere Lane property was purchased by Carpenter & Costin in December. It was previously the home of T&T Tractor until it closed several years ago.

“Our team is very happy that we are now working out of our new space just in time for our Spring kick off,” said Russ Marsan, co-owner of Carpenter & Costin. “We were tightly crammed into our previous office and garage space on North Main St. due to the growth of our business over the past 12 years. This new space provides over 11,000 sq. ft. of office and garage space for us to service our growing fleet of vehicles and property maintenance equipment.  The increased office space for administrative functions has greatly increased our efficiency. “Everybody having a little bit of their own real estate is very inspirational, says Marsan.”

Matt Cataldo, co-owner, said he expects the operations staff to increase by about twenty percent year-over-year for the foreseeable future. “Between all Carpenter & Costin locations, we currently employ just shy of 50 people. We’ve expanded well beyond Rutland and are now doing business as far north as South Burlington and south to Bennington due to some strategic acquisitions we’ve made over the last few months.”

Carpenter & Costin is a full-service lawn care and property maintenance provider that also provides snow plowing services to large and medium-sized commercial and residential properties.  Carpenter & Costin is active in local chambers of commerce and economic development initiatives, and they can frequently be seen producing events with the help of many area volunteers around the state through Come Alive Outside and other community-minded nonprofits and businesses.

For more information, contact Russ Marsan by phone: 802.775.5686, by email: Russ@CarpenterCostin.com or visit CarpenterCostin.com

Carpenter & Costin Aerial View
Russ Marsan Portrait

Russ Marsan Business Leader of the Year

Russ Marsan named business leader of the year by Rutland Chamber

Vermont Business Magazine: 9/18/2018

The Staff and Board of Directors of the Rutland Region Chamber of Commerce are excited to announce that Russ Marsan of Carpenter & Costin has been named the 2018 Chamber Business Leader of the Year.  Russ is a very supportive member of the Chamber and gives his time and resources to several community organizations and fundraisers including Winterfest, Dancing With The Rutland Stars (benefiting Friends of Pediatric Care at the VNA & Hospice of the Southwest Region), Rutland’s Newlywed Game (benefiting BROC-Community Action, Rutland Community Cupboard and The Salvation Army) and he is the force that brought Come Alive Outside, not only to Rutland, but to the state of Vermont, just to name a few. Also, in the next few days one thousand Shriners will descend on Rutland, Russ was one of the driving forces for the Northeast Shrine Association to choose Rutland, which will be a huge economic boost for our region.  Russ and his business partner Matt Cataldo own Carpenter & Costin, which specializes in providing a full range of landscape design, construction services and snow removal services to residential, commercial and institutional properties throughout Central Vermont and New Hampshire.

Join us on October 4th at The Paramount Theatre (5-7pm) for the Chamber’s Annual Meeting (sponsored by Cape Air) where we will officially recognize Russ Marsan as the Chamber’s Business Leader of the Year.  The cost to attend the meeting is $20 per person. RSVP by going to rutlandvermont.com/2018annualmeeting(link is external) or call 802-773-2747.

The 2018 Chamber Annual Meeting is sponsored by Cape Air with support from The Paramount Theatre.

Russ Marsan Portrait